Daily BBM Ghost Pics

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Make your own FREE simple BBM Ghost Pic!: (15 Characters Max)
If you're visiting this website, then you've probably all seen those cool new invisible Blackberry Messenger profile pictures that your friends have. You know, the kind that show hidden images when you scroll over them in your contact lists. Here at BBMPICS.com, we've made it a point to compile all of these BBM ghost pictures onto one easy to use website. Please note, this site is specifically formulated to work with your Blackberry web browser, so if you aren't on your smart phone, the site may not work properly. If you are on your Blackberry, you can see the hidden images on all these pre-made BBM profile pictures by simply hovering your mouse over the artwork. To use a picture for your Blackberry Messenger profile pic, click the image you like on the homepage and then save the larger version of the image on that opens on the next page. No Blackberry applications or app downloads necessary. To submit any of your own creations, you can email them to slavik0329@gmail.com. Enjoy!